Happy Hour Specials in Maricopa County, Arizona: 20 Places to Check Out

Tucson, Arizona is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, craft beers and cocktails but not everyone wants to break the bank for a good time. Here are 20 places offering discounted drinks & delicious food.

Happy Hour Specials in Maricopa County, Arizona: 20 Places to Check Out

Tucson, Arizona is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, craft beers and cocktails. But not everyone wants to spend a fortune for a good time. Fortunately, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and breweries in the area that offer happy hour specials. From Bawker Bawker Cider House to The Mint Bar, here are 20 places to check out for discounted drinks and delicious food.

Bawker Bawker Cider House is Tucson's first and only cider house. They offer more than 10 sweet and savory ciders on tap at a time, all fermented with little or no residual sugar. Popular flavors include tuna, tomato and basil.

Barrio Brewing Co.

is the first puree manufacturing company in Tucson and one of the first in the state. Their beers are available throughout Arizona, but you can get special prices at the brewery.

The Buffet is the oldest bar in Tucson and is home to a diverse crowd that loves the lively atmosphere, shuffleboard and pool tables, and drinks like rainbow shooting. Happy hour runs from 4-6pm every day.

Club Congress

goes beyond music. Celebrate happy hour from 4-6pm every day at the club or all night on Sundays.

Culinary Dropout

serves its Afternoon Delights menu from 2-5pm Monday to Friday.

Enjoy original drinks like Summer Tan sangria or classic cocktails.

The Delta Bar & Grill

offers comforting flavors fresh from the swamp. Pair any of their seafood or soul dishes with signature cocktails and an extensive absinthe menu.

Fuku Sushi

promises high-quality fresh fish at a lower price than high-end competitors. The bar is home to a lively nightlife, where customers enjoy unique drinks like the famous Wildcat Fishbowl.

The Hoppy Vine

is a craft room and bottle shop that specializes in craft beers, wine, and wine-based cocktails.

The Mint Bar

has a local atmosphere and a sense of community, and offers ping pong, billiard darts and weekly karaoke.

Pueblo Vida Brewing Co.

offers top-notch service and faucets at the hands of local desert inhabitants.

Maricopa County Updates

Gilbert, Arizona celebrates Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) in October. This year's theme emphasizes the pervasive problem of domestic violence, which includes more than physical harm.

The Gilbert Police Department's Family Violence Unit (FVU) is working to address this issue. The FVU is made up of four detectives and a sergeant who are trained to deal with cases of domestic violence. The I-17 improvement project is a major design and construction project that has been underway for a year now. The goal of the project is to improve safety and efficiency on Interstate 17 north of Phoenix by adding new flexible general-purpose lanes along a 23-mile stretch from Anthem Way to Sunset Point, expanding 10 bridges and replacing two others. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2025 and aims to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow.

Other Notable Events

Governor Katie Hobbs announced the planned construction of the John S. McCain Education and Community Center in Tempe, Arizona.

The center will be within Arizona State University and will offer education, work and health programs for underserved communities. The McCain family attended the announcement. Rebecca M. Harper's book Anger Management: Simple Methods To Improve Your Life, provides useful advice for those looking for simple methods to improve their lives. The book explores responses to anger and offers self-responsibility exercises that can help people express their anger in healthier ways.

Public Assistance Requested

The Chandler Police Department is currently investigating an animal abuse case involving the Animal Welfare League with Special Needs (SNAWL).

This organization operates from a residence in Chandler. The police are seeking public assistance in this investigation. They are particularly interested in hearing from people, rescue organizations or veterinarians who had information about dogs before SNAWL adopted them. Photos and veterinary records that document the status of animals before adoption are especially useful.

National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month, highlighting the need for disaster and emergency preparedness.

This year's theme promotes a three-step preparedness plan, especially for older adults.

Emergency Alert System Test

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will conduct a national test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) in Gilbert, Arizona.

Federal Grant for Arizona

President Joe Biden has announced a federal grant for Arizona that will be used to establish the McCain National Library at Arizona State University (ASU). The library is a tribute to the late Senator John McCain who served as Congressman, Senator from Arizona and Republican Presidential Candidate. The announcement was made in the company of the McCain family.

Animal Abuse Investigation

The Chandler Police Department is requesting public assistance with an animal abuse investigation. The case involves the Animal Welfare League with Special Needs (SNAWL), a rescue group based in Chandler.

They are looking for information from the public, other rescue groups or veterinarians who might know the dogs before SNAWL adopted them.

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